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When you put something out into the world other people are going to have opinions about it. People could have a huge range of views and emotional responses to it. When you put your thing out there you might not have had any particular hopes for how people would feel or perhaps you set out from the beginning to illicit some specific response.

As many of you know I’m the founder of Axentro blockchain platform. Axentro was developed from scratch and not forked from an existing platform. …

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The focus of this article is on my particular work ethic and specific way of working in order to develop not just Axentro blockchain but all the associated software that goes with it.

So as some of you know I have a full time day job as a developer and I also have a wife and 2 young children. And I’m working on many different aspects of Axentro and related projects.

So how do I manage my time and stay productive over the long term? I basically divide my time into 4 main areas:

  1. Exploration & Research
  2. Deep thinking
  3. Coding

The rapid advancement in technology in the last few years has led to the growth and popularity of technologies like bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in our world today. While cryptocurrencies are beneficial in providing the right infrastructure for a decentralized transaction, what makes the difference is the blockchain technology on which bitcoin is built.

At the moment, the use of blockchain technology has spread to other sectors because of the benefits it offers such as seamless transactions, elimination of middlemen and improving security, to name just a few.

Due to this, users are looking to developers to create decentralised cross-platform apps…


Axentro have been collecting data on the effectiveness of the mining system and we can see it needs big improvements.So, this is the main thing we are working on right now and will provide updates on our progress.

We have temporarily disabled the ability for other nodes to join the network while we work on issues identified recently in the multi node system. This is next in the queue of work after the mining system improvements. We will keep you updated about this also.

Thank you very much for your continued interested in Axentro and for your feedback in helping us to improve our system. So please bear with us while we move through these changes and bring you an amazing and improved system. We will continue to develop the system in an iterative way based on feedback from you our awesome community!❤️

Axentro Blockchain Team

Axentro is embarking on a journey of birth by fire! Our mainnet was launched in November 2020. It has gone through many changes in that time to become what we have today. But the journey is hardly even started yet! We have a grand vision to build an incredible platform for building decentralised applications. The first phase of our plan was to release CPU only mining, globally shared rewards and human readable addresses.

The next step for Axentro is to start building our vision of decentralised applications. Axentro will be a platform where people can come to build applications and…

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Another year, another exciting milestone for the leading open-source blockchain platform! We are proud to announce that AXENTRO (AXNT) Public Sale will take place on VinDAX Launchpad, a leading digital asset exchange starting on January 25, 2021, 8:00 UTC. By availing yourself of an AXNT token, you are empowering us to be the original, proof of work Blockchain for decentralized Apps!


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