Axentro Blockchain Platform!

We are starting and Kicking, be part of our growing community Axentro make your life easier and faster.

You can ask yourself what’s the point to join this project? Think twice.
This gives you the privilege to see the big things coming for the Axentro project.

Rewards and Benefits?

Well, no need to worry, this will be a long run project that aims for success, for those who support us, rewards and benefits will be given to you even when you just started because Axentro has the following:

CPU mining: Expensive mining rigs no more! We want everyone to benefit from our project.

Distributed reward system: You can mine! Anywhere, anytime on the network, and gets your rewards.

Human readable address: Unlike others addresses, it's hard to read or to remember the numbers.
That’s why Axentro creates this unique style for our users to easily use and with no hassle at all!

A decentralised apps blockchain platform. visit us at

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