Axentro: Flexible, Scalable, Intuitive and Affordable Platform for DApp Developers

The rapid advancement in technology in the last few years has led to the growth and popularity of technologies like bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in our world today. While cryptocurrencies are beneficial in providing the right infrastructure for a decentralized transaction, what makes the difference is the blockchain technology on which bitcoin is built.

At the moment, the use of blockchain technology has spread to other sectors because of the benefits it offers such as seamless transactions, elimination of middlemen and improving security, to name just a few.

Due to this, users are looking to developers to create decentralised cross-platform apps on the blockchain that help solve some of the problems with centralised apps. This is where the Axentro platform comes into plays.

What is the Axentro platform?

The Axentro platform is an original poof of work blockchain platform that empowers developers to build decentralized apps (DApps) quickly and cheaply. With this new platform built on core design principles, developers can easily create intuitive, flexible, and scalable apps in the gaming, gambling, financial, or social sectors.

Axentro is indeed a visionary journey to create a blockchain that is easy and cheap to use with great features. It is a highly desirable platform for investors, gaming companies, programmers and commercial businesses interested in securing control of key processes. It is indeed the first point of call for all developers interested in creating apps quickly for businesses and the larger gaming industry.

The Axentro advantage

· Decentralized platform for app creation: Axentro is the best platform for creating DApps in the gambling, gaming, social, financial and other market sectors. The platform helps developers to create apps that are easily scalable, intuitive, user-friendly and flexible. It provides a plugin styled architecture, which is very important in the creation of decentralized apps. Apps created on this platform are also encrypted and safe to use; they are not allowed to perform autonomous financial transactions. This makes building and running DApps extremely safe and scalability is achieved by starting up more nodes.

· Perfect for decentralized app developers: Axentro isn’t only a platform with so many amazing features; it is also perfect for developers interested in creating decentralized apps. Building apps on this platform is at no cost; developers can also choose to build their apps using the API instead of running in a node; what does this do? It provides the flexibility needed to build DApps in any programming language, isn’t that amazing? In addition, there are so many tutorials, guides and help available for developers on this platform.

· Decentralized App Store: Axentro will feature a decentralized app store that allows developers to list their apps with a little description and other important details. These apps are searchable and have a rating system for users to leave comments. These comments serve as constructive feedback to developers and help them identify areas of improvement.

· Integrated wallet and chat: One beautiful thing about Axentro is its support for wallets and interaction with the blockchain. Developers can take advantage of the cross-platform light wallet to add multiple wallets with full functionalities. The wallets are encrypted, and users are allowed to create a password-protected encrypted downloadable wallet file. Apart from the wallet, you can also look forward to an integrated chat system capable of full wallet functionality right within the chat. The integrated chat system gives room for purely peer to peer fully encrypted communication.

· Social Media Integration: Apart from Axentro encrypted chat system, there is also room for a more limited and restricted set of plugins to popular chat platforms like Slack, Discord, Telegram, Facebook and Gitter. This makes it easy to send and receive Axentro token (AXNT) on all the major social media applications and offers many opportunities to innovate.

· Crypto Exchange: Developers can create their custom tokens, send, receive and use them in the DApps. Developers will soon also be able to exchange their custom tokens with both the default AXNT token as well as other custom tokens. The exchange will be integrated into the wallet and chat application, which runs on iOS, Android and desktop.

· Payments Hub: One of the best features of Axentro is the opportunity it will give to users to pay for items online and within DApps. Developers will be allowed to add shopping baskets, stores and simple payment plugins that support paying for things in AXNT and custom tokens.


Finally, Axentro is a perfect platform for developers interested in creating cheaply affordable, scalable, intuitive and flexible DApps. The platform offers amazing features and functionalities that are of great interest to developers in the gaming, gambling, social and other industries.

One more vital piece of information

Axentro (AXNT) Axentro (AXNT) Public Sale took place on VinDAX Launchpad ended last January 27, 2021, at 08:00 AM UTC 2,500,000 AXNT supply for the first session and sold almost half of it. The second session with 3,500,000 AXNT will take place on February 01–03 2021, at 08:00 UTC. To find out more about Axentro’s public sale, click here.

Axentro Progression Sequence

  • February 2021 Mobile Wallet & Desktop Wallet Improvements
  • March 2021 Shared Accounts
  • March 2021 Exchange Listing
  • April 2021 In Wallet Chat & Social Media Integration
  • May 2021 Decentralized App infrastructure Part 1

Getting into the second half of the year the platform will continue to work on the decentralized infrastructure and will continue to build upon the overall structure to ensure the best features for users moving forward. This will allow for even more app development.

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