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When you put something out into the world other people are going to have opinions about it. People could have a huge range of views and emotional responses to it. When you put your thing out there you might not have had any particular hopes for how people would feel or perhaps you set out from the beginning to illicit some specific response.

As many of you know I’m the founder of Axentro blockchain platform. Axentro was developed from scratch and not forked from an existing platform. People around me did not believe that I was going to write a blockchain platform or thought that I would give up after realising how big the project was.

I did not give up and I kept going. Month after month the building blocks started to slot into place. Finally in November 2020 I released the first version of the mainnet.

Even though there are many supporters and people who love what I’m doing there is also a constant negative element. Firstly there are people who just complain about everything. Secondly there are people who for whatever reason have negative views or opinions about Axentro, how things work, or the speed of development or the things planned for the future.

You have to repel these negative forces. They tend to be strongest at the beginning when it is easiest to give up or be overwhelmed with the project. After that negative forces might come in waves depending on what is going on with the project. If you give in to negative forces then you are likely to just stop and give up. A negative comment from someone when you are feeling vulnerable could send you on a downward spiral which can be further reinforced by your own negative views of yourself or abilities.

For me the only way to succeed is to not be blown off course by other people. You have to have ten times more positive energy inside for every bit of negativity. You have to focus on your goals and ignore negativity from other people. Believe in yourself and your abilities and believe in what you are putting out to the world. You must be happy with it even when other people are not because you can’t please everyone.

You can take advice from other people and take onboard their opinions but then you must decide for yourself if it fits with your goal. There are going to be many challenges and obstacles to overcome and things will not always go the way you want. But the key is to keep going and never give up. It’s easy to give up when you are under pressure and things are not working out and you are dealing with several issues at once.

I deal with situations like this by making a prioritised list of things to tackle and I work down the list and solve each thing one by one. Sometimes it will take several attempts to fix something but you get there in the end.

So don’t give up on your dreams. Burn like a fire, shine like a star, repel the darkness with your light.

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